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29, Ariete, Canada, Toronto
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Preferenza sessualeBisessuali
Altezza< 5' [150cm]
Peso90 - 100 lbs [40 - 45 kg]
CapelliCapelli Rossi
LingueSpagnolo, Inglese
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SenoTaglia M
CuloTaglia M
Cosa mi fa arrapare
Turning you on, seducing you and exploring my sexuality with you. I love cam2cam . I love gentlemen who spoil me and do everything to make me happy. A nice massage and kisses on my feet. I have become more interested about Domination when I am in the mood, I love the idea of being in complete control over you, your body, your thoughts, your orgasms and your money, is one of my fantasies!. I love to hear about your sexual fantasies and help you to make them come true.
Chi sono
I am sexy! I am fun, passionate, playful, and love trying new things!
Cosa non mi piace
Free loaders, beggars, Lack of manners, rudeness, impatience, arrogance, being called names, anything non consensual, Jerks, machos.
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Lunedì 10.00 – 13.00
Martedì 11.00 – 03.00
Mercoledì 09.00 – 03.00
Giovedì 09.00 – 04.00
Venerdì 09.00 – 04.00
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QueenReina Hey custom pic 1

I have been told I have a good sense of humour but, to be honest I have no jokes. I am just really mean and people think I am joking. Don't worry, it will be cute when I do it to you. :)

You must also know that I am a food aficionado. If you are a picky eater I will help you. I like my food the same way I like my men & my music. Diverse.

When I am not eating or making fun of people you can find me at the beach.., sunbathing in the nude. If you are really lucky you may even catch me doing all three of my talents at once, now that is a sight to see. Lucky you. 

An avid reader- I usually haul a few books with me everywhere I go. I only read non fiction. Mostly psychology and ' new age ' stuff. I love black and white films, the classics. 

What I want for you is what I want for me. 

To make those ' movie moments' , the kind you have to pinch yourself a couple times, just to make sure ' this is my life'. 

Life is short, eat the fruit. 

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Ideal man

QueenReina Ideal man custom pic 1

And ideal guy can be one who is not only good looking but also have some human values like manners to respect everyone(girls, children, elders)... One who behaves like a gentle man... Not the playboy types or the one who just know to boast bout everything or guys who are addicted to certain drugs..... The guys who are sensible and understand every situation carefully

My fetish - lingerie

sexy lingerie GIF

while many people get aroused by sexy underwear, lingerie becomes a fetish when someone needs it to be present in a sexual scenario in order to fully engage or get off. A common lingerie fetish involves stockings, a fetish that can overlap with a love of feet. Lingerie is an example of the lesser-used definition of a fetish: an attraction to an object. 

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One of my favorite persons ever. She is an absolute angel and god is she gorgeous. There are not enough words to describe how wonderful she is and how much i love talking with her. Oh and did i mention that she is hot? A private with her will make you cum so hard
Top Tippers 💲

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#4 Evangam

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Favorite flowers

Sunflower on blue by Ruth Black for Stocksy UnitedSunflowers on a blue background by Ruth Black for Stocksy United

This bright yellow flower is more than just a symbol of happiness and vitality. According to the Greek myth of Apollo and Clytie, it also represents unwavering adoration. The story tells of a water nymph named Clytie who in her rage from Sun God Apollo’s unrequited love, exposes his relationship with Leucothoe. In anger, Apollo denied her further and turned her into a flower. But despite this, she continued to gaze upon him as he rode his chariot across the sky – just as the sunflower loyally follows the sun’s path from East to West throughout the day. As the ultimate sign of devotion, sunflowers are typically gifted to couples for their third wedding anniversary.