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46, Pesci
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Altezza>5' - 5'3" [150cm - 160cm]
Peso100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
LingueRusso, Inglese
Peli pubiciPelosa
SenoTaglia L
Cosa mi fa arrapare
обнаженное мужское тело, татуировки, большие члены
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Welcome to my room! I will make you fun!
Cosa non mi piace
грубость, неуважение, нецензурная лексика
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Venerdì 14.00 – 17.00
Sabato 21.00 – 00.00
Domenica 19.00 – 23.00

friends hello Sticker by Lucy Turnbull

ladydinna Welcome custom pic 1 ladydinna Welcome custom pic 2

I’m well-educated, mature, sweet and passionate. I love wearing elegant outfits as I believe casual clothing wouldn’t match my personality. 

My hair is blonde by nature. My eyes always get the most compliments from both men and women, as they are naturally greyish with a green tone.

My skin is very light in winter but I get tanned easily during summer.

Who knows, you may never want to stop staring at my beautiful face!

Please, respect my choice.

I am a non-smoker and I do not take drugs, but I drink slightly only when social. 


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Commenti (4)
Прекрасная милая дама!!!
я бы с тобой сьездил в турцию на пару недель ,пляжи закат вечерний, ну там секс , извини чот размечтался .
My hobbies


I like reading books, writing poetry, shopping, visiting museums, and keeping up with the latest news around the world.

I enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate time spent with respectful and polite gentlemen that take care of themselves and behave well.

ladydinna My hobbies custom pic 1

I VERY MUCH DISLIKE rude approaches. If that is your usual demeanour, I recommend you look for a different model.

Favorite movies

To Catch a Thief Movie Poster by Laurent Durieux I played "Anna" once in show.... Another one thats slow to start but builds momentum. Also, it answers a lot of questions you may have if you saw the movie.

Favorite flowers

Картинки по запросу Roses


Roses can have several different meanings depending on their color. Red roses symbolize love and desire, while dark red roses are a symbol of unconscious beauty. Pink roses mean grace, happiness and gentleness; white roses mean purity, innocence, reverence, and silence; yellow roses symbolize new beginnings, joy and friendship; orange roses symbolize desire and enthusiasm; and coral roses symbolize friendship, modesty and empathy.