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Altezza5'10" - 6" [175cm - 185cm]
Peso140 - 160 lbs [60 - 70 kg]
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Cosa mi fa arrapare
Ум и интеллект, общение с мужчиной на интимные темы, мужчина который может завести в девушке страсть, возбудить ее, а также доброта, щедрость, подарки, kiss kiss... Я люблю сексуальных, сильных, вежливых мужчин с хорошим чувством юмора.
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you want to know? you can ask me...
Cosa non mi piace
Во фри чате не раздеваюсь, ничего не показываю, лично не встречаюсь, контакты не даю. Живу я там же, где и вы все, на планете Земля.
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Hi, how are you?

 sabrina7727 Hi, how are you? custom pic 1

I’m Sabrina (sabrina7727), a young hot brunette with gorgeous figure and sunning eyes, a BongaCams model.

My desire for freedom and self expression was what got me into this life and I found my calling. I love every aspect of what I do…

I love the memories I make with the amazing people I meet.

The travel; the exhilaration that comes with hopping on a plane and meeting a new friend on the other side. The exotic locations; a world with so much to see that is best experienced with the perfect companion, someone bold, charming, and down-to-earth.

​I love to share my entire essence with those looking for someone just like me.

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Audi A8
Audi A8
Dream car
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Travel, travel, travel. Food and people. Planes and cars.

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Ideal man

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I like guys who are passionate about their goals, who are always ready to give commitments and take responsibilities.

I like guys who have a sense of who they are.

Guys who are confident in their decisions and know what they need and want.

I like guys who make me smile. Guys who can make me roar with laughter.

Who can say something sweet without trying too hard.

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Dream date would be ...

Watch a horror movie

So you want to create the feeling of thrill but you're too chicken to actually try to die. No problem. Let your date find an excuse to grasp your arm during the particularly scary parts.

or go to an amusement park,

Rollarcoasters are simple: they're fun and terrifying.

Похожее изображение     Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park Alberta, Canada #alberta #canada #jasper #explorecanada

or eat ice cream and walk around a park!

If a date doesn't involve food, it's not a date; it's a disappointment.

My biggest dream

I wish about Audi A8 car.

I will be soo grateful to you if you can support me to fulfill my dream!

Audi A8 #BMWclassiccars